Contacting us

How best to contact us...  in 5 easy steps


Available -  Tuesday to Saturday 
Closed Sunday's & Monday's

1). Book A Telephone Appointment

What ever your sartorial predicament is?

Feel free to book an appointment...

Birmingham: +44(0) 121 368 1052

Dublin: +353(0) 1 513 6665

International: +44(0)800 0148149



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2). Schedule An Appointment

By using our very handy appointment booking online app

Booking an appointment has never been easier simply pick your appointment type, date, time & choose which of our tailoring locations is more convenient for you.

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3). Leave A Message With The Call Team

What ever the time of day our call team will make sure your message is past on to us.

Feel free to call...

Birmingham: +44(0) 121 368 1052

Dublin: +353(0) 1 513 6665

International: +44(0)800 0148149

*Please note during out of hours calls will be returned the next working day

4). Live Chat

(Online Support) when you see the green button...

Have a question?

Well why not chat directly online with our handy live chat function speak directly with the tailoring team, just look out for the green icon on the right hand side of the screen when the team are available.

5). Email

Email us directly at

*Please do note it can take up to 48 hours to get back to some emails depending on how busy our cutting tables & tailoring team are.

Tailoring Opening Hours

Mondays Closed.

Tuesdays 10-8pm

Wednesdays 10-8pm

Thursdays 10-8pm

Fridays 10-8pm

Saturdays 11-6pm

Sundays By Request.

*Please note for a full list of available times please do check our online appointment book as some of our tailoring locations may vary.

*All communications outside of our normal tailoring hours will be followed up on the next working day.

Please Don't

With all new forms of communication applications arriving daily we do try to invest & keep up, but if we could ask that you kindly use the above recommendations. It will allow us to keep investing in our clients and our amazing bespoke custom tailored garments, instead of chasing a needle in a haystack.

So please think before sending that,

Facebook messenger

Linkedin Message

SMS text

Instagram message


Or carrier pigeon.

(5 easier recommendations above).