The Peaky Blinders Style

We’ve all seen it, We’ve all wished with had the accent and Thomas Shelby’s jaw line to match, but we can’t all have that, but what we can have it the style. And the Peaky blinder uniform is one very stylish looking uniform indeed.

So the reason I’ve used the word uniform is you’ll know the show is set post war in Birmingham England, with the odd trek to London. All the main male characters fought for king and crown and they didn’t particularly like it. So less about the background of the boys and we’ll ignore the illegal activates, As with the Krays, crime doesn’t pay, but if you’re going to do it, make sure you look good. The first thing you’ll need to fit in with the Peaky Blinders other than confidence and attitude is a flat cap.

 The style can be traced back to the 14th century in Northern England and parts of Southern Italy, when it was more likely to be called a “bonnet“, which term was replaced by “cap” before about 1700, except in Scotland, where it continues to be referred to as a “bunnet”. When English and Irish emigrants went to the United States, they took the flat cap with them.

The cap is the most distinctive piece of clothing of a Peaky Blinder.


 The second thing you’ll need is an overcoat. You’ll notice these trench military style overcoats are yet another part of a Blinders uniform. Perfect for hiding a concealed weapon or just keeping you warm on those cold northern nights. The next thing you’ll need is a good quality shirt, and preferably one with a club collar, this is such a sharp and focal part of the look. In the actual period the collar was detachable and buttoned into collarless shirts. These days your club collar comes attached to your shirt and adds a vintage feel to any outfit.

It gives a softer look with its rounded collar, so is great for adding some dimension to a slimmer face, and gives a completely different look to an otherwise ordinary suit. Adding a tie to the mix will help draw attention to the unique collar. Coming from me a guy who always prefers a tie, this is one style of shirt id live the tie at home.

Other notable pieces are a pocket watch and Military or work boots, and of course tweed. Grey and browns are the colours of choice when it comes to fitting in with the Blinders. If you’d like to dress like this even to put a modern twist on it, it’s not easy as a lot of high street stores don’t stock items likes these.To get a look like this you need to head to A Hand Tailored Suit were you can pick from a book full of tweeds to get both your three-piece suit and your overcoat. And next one your list from a hand tailored suit is a bespoke shirt with that club collar, it’ll be very hard to find an item like this on the high street as its not something commonly seen on modern men and that’s all the more reason to wear one.

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