A bespoke shirt is the ultimate luxury Ireland

People say a #bespoke shirt is the ultimate luxury! Being a bespoke tailor I completely agree! Here are some points you need to consider:
1/ Having a collar size which actually fits you?
2/ Having the exact sleeve length you need and want?
3/ Being able to have your perfect size tailored for you!
4/ Design and style, you can be as brave as you want to be? the options are limit-less
5/ What style of collar would you like?/ single cuff or double cuff?
6/ Would you like different colour buttons or even alternate colours?
7/ What design would you choose?


A Hand Tailored Suit, the tailoring company offering you a slice of London’s Savile Row for a cut of the cost. Bespoke custom clothing for Men, Women & Children, we offer only the finest of cloths from only the finest of cloth merchants from around the world. Call us in the UK +44 (0)121 368 1052/ or IRE +353(0) 1 513 6665 Our UK studio’s in Belfast, Birmingham, and our Irish studio’s in Dublin, Cork.  click here to contact us.

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